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August 2006
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New and Enhanced Derwent World Patents Index Launched on Dialog

New Nursing and Allied Health Database Now on Dialog

Sci-Tech Content Updates

News Content Updates

Intellectual Property Updates


Search Techniques


2006 Dialog West Coast Pharmaceutical Forum


North American InfoStars Receive Awards at SLA

Honored at SLA during our Quantum2 InfoStar networking reception were four new InfoStars in North America. The InfoStar award is given to information professionals whose creativity and innovation in raising the level of their services within their organizations are inspirational to others.

Read about the winners, their affiliations and their expertise on the Quantum2 Web site.

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Search Techniques

Practice in ONTAP® Derwent World Patents Index

View the new enhancements and practice using the new DWPI in the ONTAP Derwent World Patents Index® practice file (File 280). Sample searches are available for you to try.


TRADEMARKSCAN®—South Korea Adds Images

TRADEMARKSCAN—South Korea (File 655) recently added to Dialog now contains more than 853,000 images. Images, which show original typography, are retrievable as RT=IMAGE.

Upcoming images will be received and loaded as part of the weekly update.


DWPI Briefings

Attend an online briefing in the U.S. on the enhancements to DWPI. View the sessions on August 17 and 24.

New and Enhanced Derwent World Patents Index Launched on Dialog

An enhanced Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) (File 350, 351, 352) has launched on Dialog. Extensive enhancements and a complete update of the entire database mean you get more value than ever using DWPI for patent research.

New Original Patent Data
DWPI has expanded its data to include original patent titles and abstracts, full names of inventors and associated addresses, patent assignee addresses, and patent agent information. The database also includes coverage of USPTO national patent classifications.

New DWPI Database Record Structure
DWPI database records will now have a two-part structure:

  • Invention Level — traditional DWPI content such as patent family, value-added title, abstract and indexing

  • Member Patent Level — new additional data from each member (publication) listed in the invention (patent family) part of the record

For more details about enhanced DWPI, review the Dialog Web page.

New Nursing and Allied Health Database Now on Dialog

Whether you need resources to support patient care, scientific research or education, the EMCare database on Dialog (File 45) provides the critical information that nurses, allied health professionals and students seek.

EMCare is a new bibliographic database that provides cover-to-cover indexing of more than 2,700 international source titles, including peer-reviewed journals, trade publications and electronic-only titles. It currently features a ten-year backfile, and 250,000 new records will be added to the database each year. EMCare includes unique content not found in other nursing and allied health databases and contains 1,200 titles not covered by EMBASE® (File 72).

The nearly two million records are indexed with EMTREE, Elsevier’s Life Science Thesaurus, which has been expanded with close to 1,500 nursing terms in addition to existing allied health terms, allowing for precise and relevant search results. Consult the EMCare Bluesheet for details.

Sci-Tech Content Updates

PsycINFO Reloaded with Enhancements

PsycINFO® (File 11) is continuously expanding its content with a growing number of new abstracts being added each year. The database now contains nearly 2.25 million references to international behavioral literature from the 19th century to the present.

With the recent reload of PsycINFO, new and related terms have been added to the online thesaurus, making it even easier to qualify your search to a particular population (middle aged, children), document types like reviews or editorials, and methodologies including clinical trials and studies.

PsycINFO also contains comprehensive coverage of cited references beginning in 2001 with references in some records for earlier years. Retrospective coverage will continue to be added. Cited references appear in journal articles, books and book chapters.

News Content Updates

Coast-to-Coast U.S. News Coverage in Dialog NewsRoom

Major U.S. newspapers from Tribune Publishing have been added to Dialog NewsRoom (File 990). Among the U.S. metropolitan newspapers newly added are The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Orlando Sentinel. The new titles enhance the current NewsRoom coverage of news outlets in U.S. markets, including the top 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Houston, Atlanta and Boston.

Several new U.S. Spanish language news sources have also been added to Dialog NewsRoom: El Sentinel (Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida) and Hoy (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York).

Intellectual Property Content Updates

CLAIMS® Compound Registry Database Reloaded with Enhancements

The CLAIMS® Compound Registry Database (File 242) is a dictionary-type, non-bibliographic file containing records for over 20,000 specific chemical compounds, designed for locating compounds of interest for further searching in the CLAIMS®/Uniterm (File 341) and CLAIMS®/Comprehensive (File 942) databases.

New enhancements as part of the recent reload of File 242 include:

  • New Chemical Segmentation — All chemical names are indexed as complete individual words and chemically significant segments of words.

  • New Enhanced MAP Features — Additional fields are now available so users can use the MAP feature to easily search other CLAIMS/IFI companion databases.

  • New Additional Basic Index Fields — Compound Terms (/CT) and Fragment Terms (/FT) are now searchable in the Basic Index.

Research Disclosures Reinstated in DWPI

We are happy to announce that we have reinstated coverage of Research Disclosures in Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) (File 350, 351, 352), starting with update 200638, with research disclosures published in May 2006, and published monthly. The backfile from March 2001 to May 2006, including a total of 8,500 records, will appear in DWPI in stages over the coming months. Once complete, DWPI will have full coverage of research disclosures back to October 1978.

Research Disclosures play an important part in any comprehensive prior art search. A comparatively low-cost alternative to patenting, Research Disclosures prevent exploitation of an invention by others, and so establishes prior art. For more information, view the Thomson Scientific Research Disclosures information page.

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