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Your New Account With Dialog

Account Administration

At Dialog we recognize the importance of keeping our customers completely up-to-date with changes that may affect them. All transactions and correspondence need to be properly administered. For this reason, please could you notify us of any changes in address, name, or other billing or shipping information by contacting your local Dialog office, either in writing or via fax. Be sure to include your User Number in all correspondence.

Billing Information

Several billing options are available to Dialog users — please contact your local Dialog office for details of available payment plans.

Deposit Account

Dialog Deposit Accounts enable you to deposit a sum of money to your account against which the charges for your Dialog usage will be debited. This option is useful for academic libraries, research centres and other organisations that have an allotted budget for online searching. It may also be more convenient for international accounts to send payment in U.S. funds on a quarterly or yearly basis rather than monthly.

If you would like to set up a deposit account, you may forward a cheque and your Dialog User Number to your local Dialog office (minimum $200).

If an invoice is needed to fund your deposit, please contact your local Dialog office.

Purchase Orders

If your organisation requires purchase orders for ongoing service, please provide your Purchasing Department with your Dialog User Number, so that they may reference it on all renewal purchase orders. Dialog will make reference to your purchase order number on your invoices.


In some countries it is possible to pay in your local currency as well as in dollars.

Billing in local currency is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • UK

If local currency service is not available in your area, you will be billed in US dollars.

You may use any of the following payment methods (payable to Dialog):

  • Wire or telegraphic transfer to:
      Harris Bank Chicago
      ABA 071000288
      Account #2410181
      Chicago, IL

  • International Money Order (in U.S. dollars)

  • Cashier's check (in U.S. dollars)

  • Company or personal check (in U.S. dollars) drawn on a U.S. bank for a U.S. bank account. (Your bank account number must be on the check to avoid extra charges.) Mail all checks and money orders, with remittance form, to:
      P.O. Box 532002
      Atlanta, GA

About Your Dialog Invoice

Your Dialog invoice consists of four parts:

  • Status of Account/Remittance Form — The top page (and the most important part of the invoice) provides a summary of current invoice and payment history. The Remittance section shows the Billing Period, the Invoice Date, the Invoice Reference Number, and the Amount Due. Always return the bottom portion of the Remittance section with your payment.

  • Summary Total Charges — Shows the summary total charges due for all Dialog products and services used during the specified billing period. (This part of your invoice is for your information only).

  • Account Management Report — Provides a breakdown of charges incurred during the specified billing period by file, user id, and user-defined sub-account name. (The Account Management Report is for your information only.)

  • User Number Billing Detail — A chronological listing of all connect-time and print charges incurred during the specified billing period and detail of other charges.

Questions about charges appearing on your invoice should be directed to your local Dialog office. (The User Number Billing Detail is for your information only).


If you wish to query the charges on your invoice, please send the following details to your local Dialog office:

  • documentation explaining why an adjustment is requested
  • the amount in question
  • what User Number was used
  • the date of the charges to be credited
  • a copy of the session details
  • a copy of the detail section of the invoice showing the exact transactions you are querying.

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