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Set Up a Dialog Alert to Track All New Patents for a Specific Company?

TOPIC: In this example, you have obtained all patents that relate to Cincinnati Milacron, a worldwide manufacturer of machine tools, using Derwent World Patents Index® (File 351). You have viewed records to make sure the search is relevant. Now you want to set up a Dialog Alert to track new patents issued to this company and have the Alerts sent to your e-mail address.

Dialog Alert is a current awareness service that allows a search to run automatically whenever new records are added to the database and have the results delivered electronically to you. Most regularly updated databases have the Alert service. You can also customize the Alert schedule to meet your needs.



TYPE S3/3/1 (For the search, see How To Locate All Patents for a Specific Company)
(follow the menu)


1. Create your search strategy and view some records to check for relevance.

?T S3/3/1

DIALOG(R)File 351:Derwent WPI
(c) 2006  Thomson Derwent. All rts. reserv. 
017166619    **Image available**
WPI Acc No: 2005-490235/200550
XRAM Acc No: C05-149614
XRPX Acc No: N05-399376
 Injection molding machine  
Inventor: KLAUS M B
Number of Countries: 001  Number of Patents: 001
Patent Family:

Patent No  Kind   Date    Applicat No  Kind  Date     Week
IN 195534   B   20050225  IN 98KO1776   A  19981007  200550  B
Priority Applications (No Type Date): IN 98KO1776 A 19981007

Patent Details:
Patent No  Kind Lan Pg   Main IPC    Filing Notes
IN 195534     B        B29C-045/80 

If the search is accurate, type SAVE ALERT to begin the Alert setup.

3. Select (U) to have the Alert run when the database is updated or on a schedule you choose (C).

4. If you select Custom, select when you want the Alert run, the day of the week to run it and the time of day.








Note that if you are searching more than one database, you will want to remove duplicates.

You can be notified even if no new records are retrieved in an Alert run.

Do you want the Alert run based on a file's Alert Update 
schedule or on a Custom schedule you set up? 
U=Update C=Custom Q=Quit H=Help ?C
Choose when you want the alert to run:   Q=Quit  H=Help 1. Monthly 2. Twice a month 3. Weekly ?3
Choose the day of week you want the Alert to run:
1. Monday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Thursday
5. Friday
6. Saturday
7. Sunday                           Q=Quit  H=Help
Enter exact hour to run the Alert (e.g, 2pm or 14)   
Q=Quit  H=Help
Do you want duplicates removed automatically?   
Y=Yes  N=No  H=Help
Do you want notification even if no documents are found? 
Y=Yes  N=No

5. Check the Alert settings before saving the Alert.

6. SAVE the Alert.

7. Give the Alert a name so you can easily recognize the output you get.

8. Enter a PRINT statement (PR S#/ format/number of items). Note in this example ADDR ADDRESS is the e-mail address you have already set up.

Tip: To see your address list, type RECALL ADDRESS.

9. Type S to save the Alert.

Your alert currently has these settings:
1. Databases:   351
2. Frequency:   Weekly
3. Run at:      Monday at 8AM
4. Dedupe:      N
5. Notify:      ONLY when new documents are found(Notify=OFF) 
To make a change, enter a line number.
To save the Alert, enter S for Save.    Q=Quit  H=Help
Enter 1 to 30 characters for a name.    Q=Quit  H=Help
Enter a PRINT statement for your Alert.  Q=Quit  H=Help
Enter the next PRINT command or enter S to SAVE. 
Q=Quit  H=Help
?S Alert "MILACRON" saved





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