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Search By U.S. Patent or Published Application Number?

TOPIC: In this example you are searching the U.S. patent number 20040001239 in CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents (File 340). In the CLAIMS database the patents are merged into one record so it is easy to see the published application number and granted patent number. Note: You can also search U.S. Patents Fulltext (File 654) for the fulltext of the published application.

  • U.S. patents are assigned numbers based on a continuing series of up to seven digits (e.g. US 5,947,706). To search for a U.S. patent number, enter the two-letter country code, a space, and the patent number with no commas. Prior to November 29, 2000, a U.S. patent application was not published until it was issued as a granted patent.
    Example: S PN=US 5947706

  • After passage of the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999, the US Patent and Trademark Office was required to begin publishing patent applications filed on or after November 29, 2000. In most cases, publication occurs after the expiration of an 18-month period following the earliest effective filing date or priority date claimed by an application. U.S. published applications are also sometimes referred to as Pre-grant Published Applications or "PGPs" (e.g. US 20040001239). To search for a U.S. published application, enter the two-letter country code, a space and the four-digit year designation followed by the seven-digit publication number retaining all leading zeros.
    Example: S PN=US 20040001239



EXPAND PN=US 20040001239

TYPE S1/3/1


1. BEGIN 340, CLAIMS/U.S. Patents to see both published applications and granted patents.

2. EXPAND using the prefix PN=, the two-letter country code and the patent number with a 4-digit year, leading zeros and the patent number.

The Patent Number (PN=) prefix is used to index all published patent document numbers including both granted patents and published applications.

3. SELECT the appropriate E number (E3).

?b 340
[File 340] CLAIMS(R)/US Patent 1950-06/May 09
(c) 2006 IFI/CLAIMS(R). All rights reserved.

?e pn=us 20040001239

Ref   Items   Index-term
  E1        1  PN=US 20040001237
  E2        1  PN=US 20040001238
  E3        1 *PN=US 20040001239
  E4        1  PN=US 20040001240
  E5        1  PN=US 20040001241
  E6        1  PN=US 20040001242
  E7        1  PN=US 20040001243
  E8        1  PN=US 20040001244
  E9        1  PN=US 20040001245
  E10       1  PN=US 20040001246
  E11       1  PN=US 20040001247
  E12       1  PN=US 20040001248
          Enter P or PAGE for more

?s e3
      S1       1  PN='US 20040001239'

4. TYPE the record using Format 3 to see both published application and granted patent.







Note that this application was published on January 1, 2004 and was subsequently granted as patent US 6856436 on February 15, 2005.

?t s1/3/1  

  DIALOG(R)File 340:CLAIMS(R)/US Patent
  (c) 2006 IFI/CLAIMS(R). All rts. reserv.
  Inventors: Brukilacchio Thomas J (US); Hopkins 
      Patrick W (US); Householder John R (US)
  Assignee: (A1) Unassigned Or Assigned To Individual
            (B2) Innovations In Optics Inc
  Assignee Code: (A1) 68000
  Probable Assignee: Technology Innovations LLC
  Attorney, Agent or Firm: Caufield, Francis J.
             Publication                 Application
             Number       Kind Date      Number       Date
           -------------- --  -------- -------------- --------
           US 20040001239  A1 20040101 US 2003601605  2003062
           US 6856436      B2 20050215 US 2003601605  20030623
  Prior Publication: US 20040001239  A1 20040101
  Priority Applic:                     US 2003601605  20030623
  Provisional Applic:                  US 60-391841   20020626
  Calculated Expiration: 20230623
  Notes: Subject to any Disclaimer, the term of this patent is 
      extended or adjusted under 35 USC 154(b) by 77  days.





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