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Find a Design Patent?

TOPIC: In this example, you will search for design patent number D426073, granted June 6, 2000. The format of a U.S. design patent consists of the letter D followed by a 1-6 digit publication number. You will be searching U.S. Patents Fulltext (File 654) to obtain the fulltext and image.

  • In the United States, the patent laws provide for the granting of a design patent to any person who has invented any new and nonobvious ornamental design for an article of manufacture. The design patent protects only the appearance of an article, but not its structural or functional features.
  • U.S. design patents are covered in CLAIMS®/US Patents (File 340), CLAIMS®/Current Patent Legal Status (File 123), U.S. Patents Fulltext (Files 654,652) and INPADOC (File 345, 2001-present only).

Note: Industrial design patents issued by non-U.S. countries are NOT covered in any Dialog files.




TYPE S1/19/1


1. BEGIN 654, U.S. Patents Fulltext, to see the fulltext and image of the design patent.

2. EXPAND using the 2-digit prefix (PN=), the 2-digit country code, D for design patent, and the 1-6-digit patent number.

Note: Include the "D" when searching in the U.S. files, but drop the D when searching the number in INPADOC.

?b 654
		  [File 654] US Pat.Full. 1976-2006/May 11
		  (c) Format only 2006 Dialog. All rights reserved.
?e pn=us d426073
  Ref   Items  Index-term
  E1        1  PN=US D426071
  E2        1  PN=US D426072
  E3        1 *PN=US D426073
  E4        1  PN=US D426074
  E5        1  PN=US D426075
  E6        1  PN=US D426076
  E7        1  PN=US D426077
  E8        1  PN=US D426078
  E9        1  PN=US D426079
  E10       1  PN=US D426080
  E11       1  PN=US D426081
  E12       1  PN=US D426082

            Enter P or PAGE for more
  ?s e3
      S1       1  PN='US D426073'

the record using Format 19 to see the fulltext and image.



?t s1/19/1

  DIALOG(R)File 654:US Pat.Full.
  (c) Format only 2006 Dialog. All rts. reserv.

  4328961 **IMAGE Available
  D/ Cat figurine photograph holder
  Inventor: Leon, Ernesto Alberto, Alhambra, CA
  Assignee: CBS Designs, Inc.(02), Framingham, MA
            CBS Designs Inc
  Examiner: Seeger, Janice E. (Art Unit: 293)
  Law Firm: Nields, Lemack & Dingman
  Combined Principal Attorneys: Dingman, Brian M.

               Publication               Application  Filing
                 Number   Kind  Date     Number       Date
             ------------- --   -------  ------------ --------
  Main Patent US D426073   S   20000606  US 99110982  19990916

  Patent Term: 14 years
  Current US Classification (Main): D06304000
    (X-ref): D21617000
  US Classification on document (Main): D06304
    (X-ref): D21617
  Examiner Field of Search (US): D67300; D67314; D20030;
      D11134; D11158; D21611; 040700; 040711; 040714;
      040716; 040735; 040745; 040765; 040766; 040780; 
  International Classification (Edition 1): 0607

  Cited US Patents:
                   Date    Main US
  Patent Number   YYYYMM    Class         Inventor
  --------------  ------  -----------    -----------
  US D062176      192304  D21617          Webb
  US D087145      193206  D21617          Camp

  Cited non-Patent References by Examiner:
  Exposures holiday 1994, p. 32, #H at right.

  Fulltext Word Count: 13
  Number of Claims: 1
  Exemplary or Independent Claim Number(s): 1
  Number of Drawing Sheets: 2
  Number of Figures: 6
  Number of US cited patent references: 2
  Number of non-patent cited references: 1

Format 19 provides the image for the patent.

Note the description of the drawings and the design claim.

Description of the Drawings:
FIG. 1 is a right side elevational view of a cat figurine photograph holder in accordance with my new design;
FIG. 2 is a left side elevational view thereof;
FIG. 3 is a bottom plan view thereof;
FIG. 4 is a top plan view thereof;
FIG. 5 is a front elevational view thereof; and,
FIG. 6 is a rear elevational view thereof.

DESIGN CLAIM: The ornamental design for a cat figurine photograph holder, as shown and described.





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