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Locate Defensive Publications?

TOPIC: A defensive publication, or defensive disclosure, is an intellectual property strategy used to prevent another party from obtaining a patent on a product, apparatus or method. The strategy consists in disclosing an enabling description and/or drawing of the product, apparatus or method so that it enters the public domain and becomes prior art. Therefore, the defensive publication of, perhaps otherwise patentable information, may work to defeat the novelty of a subsequent patent application.

You can search for Defensive Publicaitons in the following databases: CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents (File 340, 341, 942), U.S. Patents Fulltext (File 652, 654, PATFULL), Derwent World Patents Index® (File 351, 352 in Japan) and INPADOC/Family and Legal Status (File 345).

Note: To find all defensive publications in a database:

  • In CLAIMS and U.S. Patents Fulltext, search Document Type (DT=) followed by DEFENSIVE (e.g., S DT=DEFENSIVE).
  • In Derwent databases search the Patent Country prefix (PC=), enter the U.S. country code, a space, then the kind code H (e.g., S PC=US H).
  • In INPADOC search the Patent Country prefix (PC=), enter the U.S. country code, a space, then the kind code I4, (e.g. S PC=US I4).



TYPE S1/3/1


1. BEGIN one of the databases listed above, in this example File 654, U.S. Patents Fulltext.

2. SELECT the U.S. country code, a space, and the letter T, followed by a six-digit number.

Note: In INPADOC enter the U.S. country code, a space followed by a six-digit number.

?b  654

       File 654:US PAT.FULL. 1976-2007/NOV 22
       (c) Format only 2007 Dialog

      Set  Items  Description
      ---  -----  -----------
?S PN=US T101103
      S1       1  PN=US T10110

3. TYPE S1 using Format 3 to see that it is a defensive publication.

?t s1/3/1
        DIALOG(R)File 654: US  PAT.FULL.
        (c) Format only 2007 Dialog. All rights reserved.

C/ Absorbed hydrazide nucleating agents and photographic
elements containing such agents; DEFENSIVE PUBLICATION

Inventor: Sidhu, Jasbir, 29 Harley Rd., Harrow, Middlesex, GB 
          Simons, Michael J., Kodak Works, Wealdstone, Harrow, 
          Middlesex, GB England
          Mijovic, Miroslav V., Kodak Works, Wealdstone, 
          Harrow, Middlesex, GB England

Assignee: Unassigned
          EASTMAN KODAK CO (Code: 25784)
 (Art Unit: 166)

           Publication                   Application    Filing
              Number     Kind   Date       Number        Date
          --------------  --  --------  --------------  --------
Main Patent  US T101103    H   19811006  US 81238185    19810226
Division     US 4278748    A             US 7960549     19790725

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