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Drug Pipeline Directory Descriptions

At any point in the evaluation process (Biological Testing, Preclinical, and Clinical Trials) a compound may be found to be ineffective or toxic.

Drug Pipeline Directory Descriptions

Drug Pipeline directories, also known as "drugs-in-development" directories, contain entries for each drug that summarize the progress of potential products through the pharmaceutical R&D process. They compile scientific, patent, regulatory, and commercial information.

Each directory entry will pull together data from papers presented at meetings, peer-reviewed articles published in journals, patents, newspaper and wire service stories, analyst and market research reports, and interviews with company personnel and industry experts.

The following table lists the Drug Pipeline directory databases available from Dialog. Click on the link to see the Bluesheet for each database.

Figure 2: Drug Development Databases

Database Name Online Access Dates Covered/Updating Size*
ADIS Clinical Trials Insight
(Wolters Kluwer Health)
Dialog File 173/973, 373, 873 1982+,weekly 440,000+ records
ADIS R&D Insight
(Wolters Kluwer Health)
Dialog File 107/907 1986+, weekly 21,000+ records
Prous Science Drug Data Report
(Prous Science)
Dialog File 452 1988+, monthly 189,000+ records
Prous Science Drugs of the Future
(Prous Science)
Dialog File 453 1990+, monthly 2,900+ records
IMS R&D Focus
(IMS Health)
Dialog File 445/955 1991+, weekly 84,000+ records
Daily Essentials
(Prous Science)
Dialog File 458 Last 4 weeks, daily 500+ records
Dialog File 459 3/1996 to last month, weekly 70,000+ records
(Informa, UK, Ltd.)
Dialog File 128/928 1980+, weekly 37,000+ records

*as of January 2007

The Drug Pipeline directory databases on Dialog all contain similar basic information for a given drug, such as drug name, chemical structure, originating organization, etc.

Each of the major Drug Pipeline directories is produced by a different publisher and offers unique features not available in another of the directories. In addition, the way in which specific data are organized and presented will differ from directory to directory.

The subsequent lessons in this course will review the unique features and conventions of each directory. Familiarity with these features will enhance your efficiency in locating exactly the information you need about any pharmaceutical preparation. Knowledge of more than one directory is important for researchers, since no one directory includes all the drugs currently in development. In other words, for comprehensive results, more than one directory needs to be consulted.

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